Friday, August 27, 2010

Twyla is "wanted," finally

This morning I took the ASB-provided bus with Greg this morning. I was to be the guest reader for an early childhood class (3 years) in the Elementary School library. I was early, so I read some books that Heeru, the Elementary School librarian, had left for me to choose from. I also helped re shelve some books. Jenny, the other library staff, showed me around a bit and then helped introduce me to the kids when they arrived. We ended up reading "No more monkeys jumping on the bed," which they helped me with by talking along and doing motions, wonderful! They are focusing on friendship and getting along, so we also read a book called "Meanies." They were a fun group. The teacher apologized for them being all over, but I thought they did a great job! Afterwards, I spoke with Heera and she wondered if I wanted to come and help out at the library. I told her I would love to. "We need your help and so does the Middle School/ High School library." What words to my ears - to be needed! I have been feeling like a tag-along for a month, it was wonderful to feel needed. So, I will start volunteering at the library and volunteering at other agencies next week. Hurray!

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  1. glad you've found some great places to dedicate your time to! I'm so impressed that you've gotten this all sorted out in just a short month! I've only managed to find the local massage lady! :) Looking forward to hearing more about your time spent with Save the Kiddos, the library, and wherever else! ~ Jess