Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Escaping the rain, more tales from the weekend

Since rain is still the theme outside, I thought I'd post some pictures from this weekend. (I calculated the forecasted millimeters of rain for the week and the total converted to 10 inches of rain this week)!! Along with the yummy cupcakes from Butterfly, I also ordered a cake for Greg on Friday night. We had a progressive dinner with two other families in the building. Unfortunately, Craig was sick and his son, Barrett, was put in charge to watch him. Craig and Ty's other son, Kerry, went to a friend's house. Who can expect a 14 year old to hang out with a bunch of lame adults. So, we decided this turned into a practice progressive dinner and next time we will plan enough in advance to include all the families in the building. We started at Jen and Brian Piccalo's flat with drinks and appetizers. Delicious assemble your own brochettas! Tomatoes in India are so good. Since Craig was sick, we did not progress to Ty's apartment. We just progressed from the couch to the dining room table. Ty made some excellent pesto pasta. Pesto made from scratch. Ty was a good mom and took some of the delicious food up to her flat for Craig and Barrett. After filling up, we went downstairs to our flat for birthday cake. India being the cool place that it is, the corner store had two choices of candles: numbers and "magic" relighting candles. I bought both. One of the threes broke while I was putting it into the cake, so I HAD to use the relighting candles. We all got a good laugh out of Greg trying and trying to blow the candles out.

Saturday, Greg and I arose, after about 5 and a half hours of sleep and being a bit dehydrated from the progressive dinner, to go for a run with Jen Piccalo and Andrea, who lives north of us in another building. It was very muggy and we sweated more standing to wait for Andrea than running since there was at least some breeze created by our incredible speed. The run put Greg over the edge and he slept a lot the rest of the day. But, some other friends, Brian and Shannon, came over and we decided to escape the house for lunch at Elco. (Have I mentioned that this was a sunny, dry day. The only one between a few days of strong rain and now a week of 10 inches of rain). Elco is a great local fare restaurant that's just around the corner. We love it. Brian and Shannon had not been there yet and were game to try some new Indian delicacies. We had pani puri, a yummy snack that Mumbai is known for, and XXL dosa, a paper dosa that takes up the length of the table and comes with two chutneys and a tomato stew for dipping. The picture is of us starting in on the XXL dosa. We were stuffed by the end. Anyone who visits can be assured you will be going to Elco for at least one meal!


  1. love your stories! Still cant believe you are over there. Whats a progressive dinner?????

    I am hungry just looking at the food.
    love you!

  2. Ok, so I won't push "post comment" multiple times this time!
    Wonder how I can get from Chiang Mai to Elco....it's enticing to say the least!

  3. this is ann :)
    That food looks so yummy. Delish, delish. I miss my indian food. Happy Birthday Greg!