Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joggers Park

Joggers Park is about a 15 minute walk from my flat and it's right on the ocean. It's open in the mornings from 5:30-9:00am and 3:30-9:00pm. In between, the grounds are being taken care of by a small army of workers. It's beautiful and relaxing. I showed up around 1pm along with a man and his daughter. He told me about the hours but would get me inside to look around. He gave me a tour of the place while his daughter ran around enjoying the space. The man ended up being a former manager of the park, hence why he knew everyone and could get in outside of hours. From the park, there are great views of south Mumbai and then the northern suburbs. It was high tide, so the waves were lapping against the walls of the park. Danny, the man showing me around, reported that during low tide you can walk around on the rocky beach below and many families have picnics there. Joggers Park has very strict rules. No food, no drink except water, no chewing gum, and no displays of affection. This is a family place after all. Danny was very kind and offered to show Greg and I around some of Bandra's other sites in the future.


  1. I see Calla lillies in your picture (the tall plants with red blossoms, next to the bricked road). We have those in NC!

  2. They are beautiful! Mumbai has many little parks that seem to be well taken care of - lots of lushness in the monsoons. When does Abby start school and Corey head back? I guess Corey has been taking classes through the summer though. I hope you all are well!