Monday, August 16, 2010

Making Chapatis

Our housekeeper and cook, Jacinta, gave me my first cooking lesson yesterday - chapatis. They are pretty simple, just take time to knead the dough, let it sit and knead some more. The dough just consists of whole wheat flour, water, and a dash of salt. Jacinta is very good at making perfect circles, I am working on it. Chapatis are used like naan, to scoop up yummy, saucy dishes like dal, palak paneer, and curries. (Jacinta was shy about the camera, so she's only half in it).


  1. so Tibbs to fill you in on life here. I just spent two hours at the school for registration the line was in the parking lot. Lets just say i wanted to yell at someone. I am all set to graduate this year and was signed up for 3 math classes! can you believe that 3! you'll be happy to know i got out of pre-calc:). Also i was walking down the hall of the 300 building and almost cried because you weren't on my schedule lol. Oh! I almost forgot that i was going to tell you that you need to write some of theses blogs! Twyla does em all. while that is great because she is an awesome writer, i would like to here from you every now and then because i don't know her:). Hope your school year goes great!... GET TO WRITING:)

  2. Tell Jacinta Bollywood is looking for their next star and it could be her!

    Twyla (it's Alison)... your blog entries are delectable! I am living your experiences, and laughing out loud. Thank you! Love to you both,

    Dean and Alison