Monday, August 2, 2010

The first six days!

I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been six days because it feels like much longer since everything is so new. The flight was long, but it wasn't direct like we thought. We had a stopover in Brussels, so we were able to get off the plane for two hours. When we arrived, we stepped off the plane, onto the tarmac and into the humidity. (For those of you who have read "Geography of Bliss," it was a wet diaper, but pleasantly not dirty). We were greeted by many people from ASB and escorted by Jane, Greg's principal who also lives in our building, to our flat. Wow!! The B&B has been expanded. We have a three bedroom, three bath flat that has marble floors and bathrooms and modernish furniture. Dad, Alison, Suzy, and Ryan - you will have your own rooms and bathrooms in December!
The first three days were filled with registering with the government, trainings, and evening outings. Our first meal out was, sadly, McDonalds. (I'm feeling less embarrassed each time I tell this story). We were the first group to go and register with the government. It was an hour drive down and took about two hours for five of us to be processed, much faster than expected. We were due back at the school by a certain time and our escort was nervous about being late. We begged for lunch, which we had been told was going to be at this great restaurant. Finally, we were dropped off in front of McDonalds. It was a cultural experience, though. Very efficient, no beef served and many veg options to my delight. I had to try the Aloo Tikka, which is a nicely spiced potato and corn patty. Not too bad for Mickey D's.
The weekend was filled with some shopping excursions. One was around our neighborhood, Bandra West, and the other at a mall area called Pheonix Mills. We are slowly getting our housing needs bought. I have yet to go on an extensive clothes shopping experience, but sometime this week that will happen.
The downer was that Greg and I have already had Bombay Belly. I'm almost fully recovered, while Greg is still pretty weak from loss of fluids, but on the mends. It hit us both the night of day four. Two others were also very sick. We have started the process of obtaining stomachs of steel!
Despite a lot of rain, the weather hasn't been too bad. It's mostly in the 80s and humid. The humidity depends on the amount of rain falling it seems. I guess after September, there will be no rain until next June, so the more we get, the better.
Our internet at the house isn't working yet, but soon I hope to post some pictures!


  1. Twy, Thanks for the update! Ive been thinking about you guys. Sounds like you guys are living in a palace:-) Miss you already!

  2. Glad you are settled...even tho your stomach isn't. Skype me when you get a chance. And always.......listen for the hiss!

  3. Thanks for the update. I am happy to hear you guys are safe and happy. Sorry about the belly thing. I guess its all part of the adventure. I miss you already! Be safe and happy xoxo

  4. tibs sounds like your getting your fair share of mc ds there haha i fant imagine a life without beef:)...oh and hey member that list of things i made you the whole getting sick thing was on there! lol jus kidding hope your having fun.