Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its me again. Yea that is the other half Greg. We got a half day off today because of the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The entire town is abuzz with the the biggest day of Ganesh Immersion. Today is the day that they emerge the big ones. There is a big party and parrade that follows each Ganesh to the ocean. Last week I took part of one of the processions. It is a large drum line followed by a generator truck followed by a party truck filled with huge speakers, followed by a big dance party, followed by the large truck carrying Ganesh. It is a big party, and they love to see a gora (light skinned person) dance. A hord of youths came up to me to beg me to dance. It was ton of fun, and me and my friend Washuma danced and got to take part of the drum line. I guess Ganesh is a fun loving god so they honor him by having as much fun as they know how.

I have been riding my bike a bit too. In fact when I was at the dance party I had one of the kids watch my bike while I danced. I think riding a bike in India is like most things in India. It seems impossible and looks crazy, but it actually works just fine. It is a bit harrowing at times, but if you just get in the flow of triffic, everybody respects your spot and nobody is looking to hurt anybody. I actually feel more comfortable biking here than in the city in the U.S. Nobody is angry our shouting for me to get off the road. Actually the opposite is true. Again being a gora on a bike is a huge novelty. They love it and everybody is waiving and laughing as I go by. Judging by the attention I am getting you would think I am on a unicycle juggling fire. It is also very fast, and I think I get around (and lost) way quicker than I could even on a rickshaw. I will have some pictures coming of me and my bike.

School is going well. I am still really enjoying the school and my cohorts. The kids are getting into the full swing of things, and I am finding that all kids of kids from all kinds of cultures share many of the same problems, struggles, and accomplishments. I am settling into things, and I am still staying very busy. I am part of a math department that gets an amazing amount of stuff done during department meeting. I think we more or less redesigned our entire middle and high school curriculum in a matter of a few days. I am still amazed that it happened so smoothly. I shapporoned my first dance, and even though the size was pretty small, they did a smash up job and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Not too different from the U.S., minus some of the "bumping and grinding"

Thinks are going well, and I am still adjusting, but I am happy, and glad that we made the move. I am still running a lot most mornings, and I have a good group of runners to push me. The food is good, and having so much of it prepared for me makes it taste even better. Twyla is starting to get busier, and I think soon, her only problem will be deciding what direction to go. We just celebrated being together for 7 years, and I could not imagine being here without her. In fact, I probably would not have had the guts to do this without her

I miss everybody, and I wish you all could visit soon, so that I can share all of these experiences with you.

With love from

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  1. hey Greg,

    I love reading you and Twyla's updates and will be pushing hard for John and I to visit you while we are there. Congrats on hitting the 7 year mark!